5 Planets Will Parade Across The Sky In Rare Astronomical Event


By Theresa Braine

More than half the solar system’s planets will align Monday in a rarely seen spectacle, arcing across a corner of the night sky.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will parade across the sky, accompanied by the moon and a possible star cluster. While the scenario will be visible to the naked eye, astronomers recommend breaking out the binoculars or a telescope for a more detailed view.

The planets will be arrayed across the western horizon in an arc about 20 to 25 minutes after Monday’s sunset, according to Space.com, starting with Mercury and Jupiter. However, twilight’s brightness could mask them, Space.com warned, adding that the viewing window is only about 25 to 30 minutes.

The planets will also be so close to the horizon that any structure or sightline glitch could obscure them. “Your best option is looking out over a westward-facing shoreline that is perfectly flat and wide open with nothing to block your view,” Space.com said.

Slightly higher, but more discernible and with a longer viewing window, will be Venus, and above it to the left will be faint, greenish-hued Uranus. Mars is next on the list, higher up and cozying next to a crescent moon, according to Starwalk.

Monday is the best day to observe this phenomenon, but the alignment will be visible in the days leading up to and following the high point.

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