Aïoli garni


A wonderful sharing dish that’s guaranteed to illicit oohs and aahs when you bring it to the table, this classic Provençal platter is all about the big bowl of thick, intensely garlicky aïoli in the centre. In this recipe Charlie serves it with salted cod, boiled eggs and seasonal vegetables from his garden, but the beauty of this dish is you can use whatever is at its best at any time of year.

Charlie says: ‘Aioli garni is a Provence farmhouse champion, a traditional Christmas Eve dish, and also a Friday family feast, according to Elizabeth David. Le Grand Aïoli has the addition of ‘the beef from the pot-au-feu or even a boiled chicken’. A little attentive preparation and getting the best ingredients you can find makes the finished product inexorably better. It’s a favourite of mine, something that always lingers in my mind and can be produced with an array of vegetables, not just the ones listed here, meaning it can be a year-round platter. Think asparagus, beans and crunchy lettuces for the summer!’

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