is an independent third-party review platform. It gives businesses the power to see a 360-degree view of their online reputation. Across the whole web from one dashboard.  reputation management service invites reviews to the platforms where they are lacking a presence. This works by assigning a percentage of requests to platforms of the business’ choice.

Top features

  • Easily get actionable insights from reviews
  • Turn reviews into banners
  • Wealth of integrations
  • Expert answers
  • Competitor analysis
  • Video reviews
  • Badges and widgets that can display reviews, social proof, etc.

What makes them different? collects, monitors and publishes reviews. To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon. They also have a pretty neat review widget – which allows customer reviews to be a seamless part of your website.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial, demo $45-$499+/month Live chat, phone, support center, resource library 4.8 (126 reviews)


power reviewsPowerReviews empowers brands and retailers to generate and display ratings and reviews, all within a single, flexible, multi-channel SaaS platform. They are huge advocates of using user-generated content for driving growth, so they include UGC features in addition to the review management suite.

Top features

  • Review accelerator
  • Review snapshot
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customize the way you display reviews and UGC
  • In-line SEO
  • Robust data collected from reviews and UGC
  • Webinars for continued learning
  • User-generated content sharing

What makes them different?
They don’t just generate more reviews – they get those reviews in front of more shoppers at the moment of purchase. They really focus on verified buyers for generating reviews.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Demo Unknown Phone, email, webinars, resource library 4.4 (149 reviews)


gatherupGatherUp lets a business install a customer feedback and online review management process. The product requests and tracks customer feedback, preventing bad reviews, and pushing positive testimonials out to the business’s website.

They know that listening to customer feedback is vital for your business, and actually create quick conversations with your customers to transform that data into fuel for growth.

Top features

  • Mobile-friendly
  • API
  • NPS reporting
  • Over a dozen channels to ask for feedback
  • Testimonial widget
  • Option to collect feedback before reviews lets you request reviews from only satisfied customers
  • Online review requests for over 100 sites
  • Review monitoring and negative review alerts

What makes them different?
GatherUp focuses on providing an affordable, effective, and intuitive online review platform. They have in-depth features even in their lowest paid plan – pretty impressive.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial, demo $99-$495+/month Email, knowledge base, webinars, resource library 4.45 (43 reviews)


ask nicelyKeep customers, increase referrals, and grow revenue using real-time NPS. The AskNicely software measures and improve the customer experience. It collects customer feedback and integrates with your CRM. The team at AskNicely understands that people choose (or don’t choose) a business based on what others are saying about you. They focus on collecting information right after a customer’s experience so that you can take action and act accordingly to drive retention and expand revenue.

Top features

  • NPS and other feedback surveys
  • One-click feedback
  • Easily take action on feedback
  • Recognize staff based on customers’ positive feedback
  • Simple setup
  • 25+ integrations

What makes them different?
AskNicely use one-click feedback, which improves customer response rates by 38%. They are also huge on NPS, CSAT, and CES – so you can learn the most about your customers’ wants and needs.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Demo N/A Live chat, email, phone, help docs 4.7 (819 reviews)


reviewtrackersReviewTrackers is the award-winning customer feedback software. It helps businesses transform the customer experience. The platform collects review data from 85+ review sites. Helping to enable brands to make data-driven decisions. ReviewTrackers helps busy professionals save time, money and resources. So they can focus on what matters most: their customers.

Top features

  • API
  • Mobile app
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Local SEO solution
  • Unlimited users
  • Review and feedback request tool
  • Daily alerts
  • Custom reporting
  • App store monitoring
  • Over 1000 integrations

What makes them different?
ReviewTrackers places customer service and user experience above all else by providing companies with listing consistency, engagement, visibility, and ultimately increased  conversions. They also do a great job at listening to their own customer feedback for continual improvement in their product.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Demo Unknown (based on locations tracked) Phone, support portal, resource library 4.6 (133 reviews)


mentionMention is a media monitoring and social listening app that helps businesses see what’s said about them online. With more than 750,000 users all over the world, the tool helps any business or brand see every important conversation in real time. Clients include agencies, universities, charitable organizations, and banks.

Top features

  • Customizable, robust, and automated mention data reports
  • Build graphs using metrics that matter to you
  • Monitor more than 70 top review sites, plus social media and overall online mentions
  • Custom mention alerts flag mentions with specific keywords
  • Filter mentions by site, country, and language
  • Social media scheduling and publishing
  • Competitive analyses

What makes them different?
Clients say Mention is the easiest-to-use monitoring tool they’ve tested. Testimonials rave that the interface is attractive to look at and uncluttered, while the customer success team is available and willing to help. Mention also doesn’t bill users for support time. They have a ton of worldwide users – so brands worldwide can make smart decisions based on learned social insights.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free plan, demo $0-$199/month (enterprise plan also available) Email, phone, resource library 4.3 (428 reviews)


brandwatchBrandwatch is how brands take control of their reputation management. It combines tools for social media listening and strategy building, including sentiment analysis with a centralized customer profile hub. Thus, brands can detect and react to comments immediately.

Top features

  • Monitor brand mentions, as well as trends relevant to your brand
  • All customer interactions are compiled in enriched individual profiles
  • Customer profiles allow for for highly targeted segmentation
  • Manage and monitor social media
  • Trend analysis lets you predict consumer needs
  • Crisis management helps protect your brand in an emergency
  • A unique prioritization algorithm ranks mentions and messages by importance

What makes them different?
Brandwatch bridges social media, reputation, and customer experience management. As a result, marketers can plan, execute, and test in one place, while mapping data. Their UX focuses on easing collaboration between individuals and teams.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Demo Unknown Live chat, email, resource hub, help center 4.4 (467 reviews)


reviewincReviewInc provides an all-in-one suite for businesses, giving them access to manage their online reputation with a stable experience. The ReviewInc platform includes an optimized email system that is designed specifically to get past spam filters, which is critical when sending thousands of review requests for your product or service.

Top features

  • Automatic review alerts
  • See reviews within seconds
  • Review site auto-fix link management
  • Star rating in Google search
  • Sentiment analysis and keyword trend tracking
  • Free US-based support
  • Customizable reports
  • Competitive analysis

What makes them different?
ReviewInc believes in offering value to customers. Their system does the work for you at an affordable price for unlimited users. They are a worldwide business that offers 26 different languages for business reputation management.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Demo Unknown Live chat, email, phone, extended customer support, support library 4.5 (13 reviews)


awarioAwario wants you to be the first to know when important conversations spark up online. In contrast, to other monitoring apps that rely on a single third-party data provider, Awario crawls over 13 billion web pages daily and is one of the most immediate ways to learn about new mentions. With Awario, users can reply to any mentions within the app and connect to as many accounts as they want.

Top features

  • Real-time, non-stop monitoring of both social media platforms and the web
  • Negative alerts
  • Sort mentions by any number of factors
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Find sales opportunities on social
  • Email notifications
  • Boolean search to help streamline mentions

What makes them different?
Awario offers features and analytics not provided by competitors – all while being cheaper than most other professional social monitoring tools. The tool also uses filters, like topic clouds and Boolean searches to help you see common themes and develop a plan to address these patterns.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial $24-$399/month Live chat, email, help center, resource library, video tutorials 4.2 (33 reviews)

Rising Star Reviews

rising star logoRising Star Reviews specializes in helping local businesses get more 5-star reviews while keeping negative customer feedback private. Rising Star Reviews makes it easy to ask every customer for a review, and to do so without the fear of getting negative reviews. Businesses enter a customer’s name and email address, and the system does the rest.

Top features

  • Easy to use
  • Automated customer review requests
  • Pre-screening to promote only good reviews publicly
  • Private negative feedback collection
  • Follow-up requests
  • No-brainer pricing for small businesses

What makes them different?
Rising Star Reviews is the ideal solution for small and local business owners. For that reason, it’s ideal for those who don’t have the time or budget for full-service systems. But who wants to get more 5-star reviews as easy as possible.

Instead of building a comprehensive set of features, it focuses on one key goal – reviews. Even if you’re not a professional marketer, it seems like you’ll still be able to get the results you want with their platform in hand.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial $20-$30/month Email support from an expert marketer 5 (1 reviews)


igniyte logoIgniyte is one of the leading online reputation experts, focused on auditing your existing reputation and improving online presence. It works internationally with companies, brands, and individuals, and delivers long-lasting and positive online reputations.

Top features

  • Review and mention monitoring
  • Reputation audit
  • Social media profile creation
  • Optimization of assets
  • SEO reputation management on all search engines

What makes them different?
Igniyte commits to making progress by hitting KPIs, as well as ranking the content created and shared online on your behalf. They seem to have been around the longest (2009) too, so they definitely know a thing or two in this market.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Unknown Unknown Email, phone N/A

Get More Reviews

get more reviewsThe Get More Reviews reputation management software helps you get reviews and much more. Get More Reviews allows businesses to generate real reviews on many sites, including Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and BBB. They do all the setup, therefore you can sit back and get more reviews.

Top features

  • Review generation
  • Review reminders
  • Bad review blocker
  • Website and email tools
  • Auto social posting of your best reviews
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Automated reporting

What makes them different?
Get More Reviews takes care of all the setup processes, so all you really have to do is sit back and wait.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial $99+/month Live chat, phone 4.7 (129 reviews)

Hoth Stars by The Hoth

the hoth starsThe Hoth reputation management tool helps you get more positive customer reviews on any site of your choice. With a single code snippet, you can collect your reviews from anywhere. When customers rate you at 4 stars or above, they are prompted to leave you a review. If they rate you lower than that, they can send you a private message to sort out the situation. Thus, giving you the chance to build up an awesome reputation. You can also choose where your reviews go, including on Google, Yelp, and many others.

Top features

  • White label reporting
  • Auto-post to social media
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Negative review prevention

What makes them different?
Hoth lets you filter through reviews so that the best ones get published, while the negative ones are handled in a manner that improves your reputation.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Unknown $149-$399/month Email, phone, support portal 4.2 (5 reviews)

Local Clarity

local clarityLocal Clarity knows that improving your online reputation is what you need to go to the next level. Businesses all over the world use Local Clarity’s reputation management services for building relationships through direct review responses, as well as to discover insights across locations, cities, states, and countries.

Top features

  • Performance insights
  • Powerful team collaboration
  • Review management
  • Direct response, including response templates
  • Scheduled posts
  • Wealth of integrations

What makes them different?
The team elements found within the Local Clarity dashboard are above par. Teams can share and distribute workflows, negative reviews, and performance reviews. You also have the ability to bulk upload and schedule posts.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial $10-$12/location/month (enterprise plan also available) Live chat, email, phone, resource library 5 (6 reviews)


synupSynup is an uncomplicated way to manage your reputation and business listings. The platform syncs everywhere, meaning you can gain insight from all over the web.

It’s the all-in-one local marketing software that helps everyone, from single-location businesses, to multi-location businesses, to marketing agencies. Businesses can manage their local listings easily, all from within the platform. And with easy reporting, it’s very easy to monitor all analytics. Above all, you can run a free scan to see how your business is listed on the web.

Top features

  • Location management
  • Monitor interactions
  • Detailed review analytics
  • Widgets to display reviews
  • Direct response, including response templates and smart response features
  • Webinars for continual learning
  • Bulk listings
  • Forward negative reviews to team members
  • Revenue calculator

What makes them different?
Synup gives you a free scan, so interested customers can give the service a spin before deciding to sign on.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free trial Unknown Live chat, phone, resource library, webinars 4.2 (88 reviews)

Best Company

Best Company logoBest Company is an online review site and reputation management tool that provides unbiased data to consumers to help in their buying process. It also supplies businesses with tools to manage their online reputation and improve brand awareness.

“Online review management, especially in an age where online presence is so vital to a brand’s success. If consumers are searching for your brand and are being met with negative feedback, that’s going to deter a lot of potential customers from using your services.

“Responding to bad reviews especially shows consumers you care about rectifying bad experiences and righting wrongs. No brand is perfect, and it’s doubtful your brand awareness will be perfect. However, if you take the time to manage your online reputation, you can use it to improve and amplify your brand awareness strategy.” says McCall Robison of Best Company.

Top features

  • Review generation and verification
  • Lead generation
  • Ability to share reviews across platforms with a single click
  • Sentiment analysis tools let you analyze trends across positive and negative reviews

What makes them different?

Best Company lets you collect video testimonials from customers, and has a pop-up feature where you can display your best reviews on your website.

Free trial or demo? Price Customer service and support Review score
Free plan $399/month; enterprise plan also available Resource library, support tickets N/A

FAQ about reputation management services

Looking to learn more about reputation management, so you can make a more informed decision about reputation management services? Below, we answer some of the most common questions.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management includes monitoring, analyzing, and addressing any important conversations surrounding your brand – typically through a dedicated platform (reputation management service).

This helps build your business in a positive light, while also allowing you to quickly address any negative feedback before it escalates.

What does reputation management include?

While there’s a wide range of reputation management services, they generally fall into two categories: proactive and reactive reputation management.

Proactive reputation management takes action to guide your brand story from the beginning. It includes:

  • Creating, claiming, and optimizing your online profiles
  • Publishing on your own blog and social media accounts
  • Sending out customer polls or surveys
  • Asking customers for reviews and feedback
  • Engaging in public relations
  • Sending out press releases
  • Placing paid ads

Reactive reputation management is more concerned with responding to what others are saying about your brand. This can include:

  • Tracking brand mentions and customer sentiment across platforms (i.e., social media channels, third-party review sites)
  • Monitoring top search results that appear for your brand
  • Thanking customers for positive reviews and feedback (and possibly contact them for further research or testimonials for your site)
  • Responding to negative content, reviews, or low ratings
  • Handling any crisis or removing online content in legal violation of your brand

What is an online reputation management service?

Online reputation management (ORM) services specifically monitor what people are saying online, such as on review sites, forums, groups, or social media. As this is already such a large part of a brand’s reputation, reputation management and online reputation management services are practically the same thing.

What’s the difference between reputation management services and review management services?

Review management services are just one type of reputation management service. They focus on driving, and occasionally monitoring, reviews on third-party review sites. But to manage all aspects of your reputation, you’ll also need to check on what people are saying on social media, as well as other sites across the internet.

The reputation management platforms we covered above include review management platforms, as well as other tools (such as brand mention tools).

What are the types of online reputation management services?

To make the most informed decision about what reputation management software you should choose, it helps to know a little more about the different types of reputation management services available. There are full-service options, as well as software for your specific business needs. We describe a few of the most common types below.

1. Review management services

Reviews play a huge part in your business reputation. Studies show “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business” and “72% will take action only after reading a positive review.”

Review management services automatically reach out to your best customers, which increases the amount of positive reviews you receive.

Some review management services also alert you to new reviews as they’re posted, so you can thank the advocates who wrote them. Others help you sort through positive and negative patterns in reviews, so you can more easily respond to the feedback you receive

2. Brand mention tools

Brand mention tools not only let you know when someone mentions your brand online. They can also categorize these mentions as either positive or negative, and tell you how often certain individuals talk about your brand.

This allows you to take immediate action, whether it’s responding to negative mentions before they spread or promoting positive content to your followers.

In this way, brand mention software helps you find your biggest fans, so you can say thanks and potentially recruit them as brand ambassadors.

3. NPS software

NPS scores can reveal a lot about your customers’ experience and feelings toward your business – which is why a lot of reputation management services include NPS scoring.

The results of an NPS survey help categorize your customers into promoters, passives, and detractors. This allows you to resolve any issues your detractors have before these problems can damage your reputation, and harness your brand promoters to build a positive reputation.

Net promoter score (NPS) is a popular metric to gauge how likely your customer would recommend your brand to others. Read our other article that outlines the best NPS questions to ask.

Your NPS score is also a great way to determine if your business has enough promoters, and will benefit from running a referral program.