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Top OFTV Moments You May Have Missed in August 2022


August was huge for both original OFTV programming AND original content from OnlyFans creators. We’ve pulled together some of the top OFTV moments you may have missed in August 2022. From stand-up comedy to life on the race track, you’ll find something to hook you!

Josh Herrin Takes First Place

On Josh Herrin’s OFTV channel, he takes viewers inside the world of professional motorcycle racing. Josh might be one of the most respected and experienced riders in North America. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love to goof off with his crew off the track.

On the latest episode, Josh wows the crowd as he takes home first place overall at Road Atlanta. It’s astounding to watch Josh get so low to the track to gain even more speed. It’s no wonder this guy holds the Guinness World Record for fastest elbow drag!

Josh Herrin takes first place on his motorcycle

Thalia Pagan Meets A Porsche 911

Can’t get enough of fast machines? Well Thalia Pagan has you covered on Route 66 with Thalia. Thalia’s knowledge will wow you as she gets into the nuts and bolts of your favorite luxury vehicles and supercars. 

In her latest episode, Thalia treats fans to a detailed walkthrough of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and shows off her serious expertise about this iconic speedster.  Did you know the Porsche is known for its PDK transmission and lightning-fast shifting?

Route 66 With Thalia, with Thalia standing in front of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Chase And Liam Get Funky

Together, brothers Chase and Liam make up the electronic music duo GoodDayTunes. Their high-energy style mixed with plenty of deep bass tones gives listeners something to groove to!

In their OFTV series Sweaty Sessions, Chase and Liam let us into their creative process. It’s clear these guys love making music together! The highlight of the episode is when Liam busts out the guitar as Chase plays the funky beat underneath. It’s like witnessing the birth of a hit happen right in front of you.

GoodDay Tunes members Chase and Josh in their first episode of Sweaty Sessions

The Comedians of OnlyFans Descend on Los Angeles

OFTV’s first-ever comedy special has arrived and it did not disappoint. On LMAOF: Los Angeles comedians, Jiaoying Summers, Kate Quigley, Aidan Park, and Matt Rife have the live audience laughing their you-know-whats off as they tell joke after joke. 

Live from The Pasadena Comedy, this 20-minute comedy special is a tour de force of hilarity. What sets it apart from other comedy specials is that the comedians’ jokes are brought to life with original animations created by other OnlyFans artists!

The cast of LMAOF: Los Angeles posing in front of a brick wall

More Top OFTV Moments You May Have Missed

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Are you an OnlyFans creator looking to bring your videos to the OFTV streaming platform? Learn more about how that works here!

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How Lindsey Pelas Creates Incredible Content


Lindsey Pelas refers to herself as a “Louisiana girl in Hollywood,” but between her multiple TV roles, features in Maxim and GQ, and 13 million+ social media followers, Lindsey Pelas is a star. Since joining OnlyFans, Lindsey has become one of the well-known glamor models working today. Why is she so successful? Easy. Lindsey Pelas creates incredible content.

When we spoke with Lindsey, she was already in the middle of planning her content for 2023. She let us in on her OnlyFans experience, her creative process, and the advice she has for new creators.  

Can you tell us why you decided to join OnlyFans?

I became interested in OnlyFans when some of my favorite friends and role models joined the site! I’ve always admired creators like Ana Cheri and Arianny Celeste. They have great style and content. So I thought, “whatever they are doing has to be cool!”

And it turns out, OnlyFans is super cool!

Lindsey Pelas looking on to camera

What is your creative process when it comes to making content?

I love having a vision in mind and executing that vision. I have explored so much in terms of styling, production, editing, that I am confident I could outperform a handful of major magazines in terms of quality and photoshoot execution. 

This past year alone I’ve shot in mountains, deserts, beaches, gone sci-fi, western, you name it, I’ve shot it. The shoot I’m planning right now was inspired by my recent trip to Rome. I don’t want to give too much away though!

Has being on OnlyFans changed the way you create?

In a lot of ways OnlyFans has provided me with proof of concept. I think a career in glamor modeling can easily be denounced or taken lightly (although glamor often has a huge role in the marketing of many industries).   

It’s been nice to have a place to monetize my own creativity. I love being able to connect with my followers, directly!

Which OnlyFans features do you find yourself using the most?

I love to livestream, and I love a mass DM! It’s definitely a dopamine hit to press “send” on a message that feels so personal to so many people.

Can we expect any collaborations from you soon?

I love collaborating with people I know! One of my besties is a touring burlesque dancer, Delilah Dubois, and we’ve always hoped to do a pin-up shoot together.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new creator, what would it be?

My advice is to have a “why” with anything you do. If you have a good “why”, make all your decisions around it. It’s a fun platform and I think you’ll enjoy a place to freely express yourself!

You’re already planning content for 2023. Can you let us know what’s coming?

I’ve got a few acting projects coming out that I’m really excited about. I think fans are going to enjoy 18 and Over, and my new series Paper Empire

Soon enough I’ll be releasing my podcast and my 2023 calendar. I’ve also got a few magazine shoots in the works! So there will be lots of behind-the-scenes and extras on my OnlyFans!

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Free OnlyFans Accounts To Follow In September 2022


September is here! Time to grab your pumpkin-flavored lattes and cozy up to your favorite content. From gamers, to stylists, to romance novelists, here are five excellent free OnlyFans accounts to follow in September 2022.

Gaby Terán

Gaby Terán is a gamer who hails from Spain, and she’s really honed in on the art of live streaming. Like a lot of gamers, Gaby’s spanish-language OnlyFans profile is filled with videos of her playing third-person shooter games. Her faves? Gears of War and Detroit: Become Human.

You’ll also find Gaby showing off her gamer lifestyle and cosplay transformations. Plus, she does a ton of unboxing videos of all sorts of video game gear and gamer accessories. Brush up on your spanish and subscribe to Gaby for free! 

I joined OnlyFans because it’s a platform where I found a lot of tools that allow me to connect with my followers on an intimate and personal level.”

Bizzy Dorvil

Want to feel great and look expensive without shelling out couture cash? Bizzy Dorvil is here for you! On her free OnlyFans account, Bizzy walks you through how to look put together an outfit on a budget. Plus her positive energy will have you smiling the whole time.

Bizzy is a serious artist with a serious resume. She’s styled for both Malvie and Vogue. She has a body-positive approach to her work, and we think she’s a force for good in the fashion industry.

“I think a lot of times we get caught up in the name brand, or in the luxury, and think that we can’t look like a thousand bucks by just going down to the mall. No baby! I’m here to help you! Come be my friend. Let’s be friends!”

Willow Winters

Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling romance author Willow Winters is bringing her romance novels to life on OnlyFans. Her steamy prose when matched with visual representation definitely gives 50 Shades of Gray vibes.

Read some of the spiciest excerpts from her latest novels and get a window into the worlds she has built. Just scrolling through her channel will make you feel like you’ve stepped inside a romance novel you never want to put down. 

Some days are just simply exhausting and then I hear from a reader and it motivates me to push through and keep writing. I couldn’t be more grateful for this wonderful career.”

Holly Raves

Holly Raves

Resident party raver, Holly Raves, is ready to share all her festival and raving knowledge with her fans. With years of festival-going experience under her belt, Holly has all the tips and tricks to make the most out of your festival experience.

On her free OnlyFans, Holly will show you how to handle a festival, rave, or dance party like a pro. She’ll show you what to pack, how to stay safe, and how to have maximum fun on your festival weekend. Follow Holly as she hops from one party to the next!

“I’ve been to festivals in St. Martin, all over the United States, and I’m just here to share my best tips with you.”

Chris Colbert

WBA Super Featherweight Champ Chris Colbert, aka Primetime, is a Brooklyn-born boxing phenomenon who fought his way out of homelessness and into the pros. On OnlyFans, Chris shows off montage videos and pictures of his intense workouts, sparring sessions, and fight night preparation. When he’s not in the gym, Chris is usually giving back to his Brooklyn community, volunteering, or tweaking his iconic sense of style

Make sure to subscribe to his free OnlyFans! While you’re at it, check out the original OFTV docuseries, Primetime, which follows Chris during the week leading up to title fight against Hector Luis Garcia.

“I’m often imitated– never duplicated; and I’m one-originated. It’s Primetime, baby!”

Looking for even more free OnlyFans accounts to follow? Check out our picks from August 2022!

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Live Streaming Setup Ideas For Any Budget


As an OnlyFans creator, we’ve made it easy to set yourself up to go live. But what about your actual streaming setup? Depending on what you’re streaming, there are specific techniques and equipment that will boost your stream’s production value! Whether you’re a gamer, a DJ, a fitness creator, or a chef: here are live streaming setup ideas for any budget!


If you’ve ever tuned into a gamer’s live stream, you’ve probably noticed how colorful and futuristic-looking their setups are. But all this tech comes at a cost, and you can quickly find yourself spending thousands on transforming your humble office into something that looks like a nightclub from the year 2100. But first things first:

Clutch Gaming Chair

A colorful gaming studio

A great gaming chair is not just a way to signal your status to your viewers, but it’ll keep you comfortable during long sessions. Many pro gamers swear by the Clutch Chairz Ergonomic Gaming Chair. We recommend it for its comfortability, and its incredible infinity recline feature. It was designed and built by gamers with gamers in mind. Plus you’ve got to admit: it looks really great on camera!

Once you’ve got your chair sorted, it’s time to pick up some lighting, a gaming mouse, a solid gaming desk, and a reliable gaming headset. If you want to take your streaming game to the next level on your gaming account, you’re going to want to invest in these products.


As a DJ, you know there’s more to what you do than hitting play. Why not give your fans a crisper picture of every scribble and scratch you do on stream? A reliable 1080p webcam like Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 has enough fidelity to show off your skills at a reasonable price. Using a fisheye lens during your streams (like the to the right is) will not give your streams a cool look, but will allow the viewers to see more of what’s going on, even in cramped spaces.

Improve your sound quality with a pop shield, and up your visuals with a green screen. That way, fans won’t be able to take their eyes or ears off of you. 

Budget Setup

Clip-On Fisheye Lens: $14.99

Pop Shield: $22.84

Party Lights: $39.99

Green Screen: $82.72

Pioneer DJ PLX-500: $319.99 

Total: $480.53

Pro Setup

Logitech C920: $59

Pop Shield: $69

Green Screen: $166.99

Lasers: $309.99

Technics SL 1200: $999.99

Total: $1604.97

Fitness Creators

You’ve worked hard to achieve wellness and you’re passionate about empowering others to do the same. Don’t shortchange yourself with a bogus streaming setup. A good fitness stream means your viewers can see what you’re doing, and hear you clearly. A wireless headset mic keeps your hands free when you’re in the middle of a workout, or yoga flow, or whatever you do! Plus, it’ll ensure you won’t have to breathlessly shout to be heard!

Your exercise equipment should be kept in the realm of things your fans also have access to. Common workout equipment like foam rollers, yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands, will give your viewers less of an excuse not to follow along with you!


Even delicious food can look bad on camera without proper lighting. When lighting food, it’s better to use low-temperature bulbs that imitate sunlight, rather than high-temperature bulbs that look harsh. If you’re on a budget, just swapping out your kitchen’s light bulbs goes a long way!

Cooking streams come with their own unique challenges. To really digest what you’re doing in the kitchen, sometimes viewers will need to see a wide shot of your whole work space. Sometimes they’ll need a close-up of your hands when you’re executing unfamiliar techniques. A multiple-camera setup will help you give your fans the shots they need to follow along.

Budget Setup

Softbox Lighting Kit: $72.99

Your smartphone + a friend’s smartphone for wide shots: $00.00

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife: $42.95

Total: $115.94

Pro Setup

Kino Overhead Light: $2,363

Sony Alpha a6500: $1,399.95

Sony Alpha a6400: $998

Mac Mighty MTH-80: $163.95

Total: $4,924.90

Streamers sound off! What type of content do you stream, and what tools can’t you live without?

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Team Valkyrie Hopes To Inspire More Women Racers On OnlyFans


From Formula 1 to Nascar, the world of motorsport has long been dominated by men. Enter Team Valkyrie– an all-female racing team that’s paving its way into the future of the sport. Now that they’re on OnlyFans, Team Valkyrie hopes to inspire more women racers.

We caught up with the three UK-based members of Team Valkyrie– Shannon Tobin, Amy Riley, and Magdelana King– ahead of their 2022 BRSCC Club Car Championship race. We spoke to them about their experience as drivers, their upcoming race, and their decision to join OnlyFans.

Welcome to OnlyFans! What made you decide to bring Team Valkyrie to the platform?

People don’t realize that there is more to OnlyFans than you first think. There are now sports people from multiple disciplines (including motorsport) using the platform to engage and interact with their fans more readily than other social media platforms. 

OnlyFans also gives its creators full control over their accounts, empowering them and allowing for greater creative freedom. It’s not driven by advertisements, or by what other people decide is popular, but instead by creators and subscribers.

As an all-female team, we closely align with OnlyFans’ empowering stance, and stand for taking back control of your own narrative. 

How do you think OnlyFans will help Team Valkyrie inspire more women racers to join the sport?

There is a concept that “if you can see it, then you can be it. ”In order for young girls to become involved in motorsport when they grow up, it’s really important for them to see women out there, succeeding in motorsport at all levels. It gives them something to aim for and the extra bit of belief that if we can do it, so can they. 

Our hope is that by getting that message out there to as many people as possible will increase the visibility of women in motorsport and help encourage others to pursue their dreams.

What’s the best part of being a professional driver?

Amy Riley (left), Shannon Tobin (center), and Magdalena King (right)

Getting to do what I love! I’ve been infatuated with cars since I was very young, so to actually be able to go out there and race on track like I always wanted to is the best part for me so far. -Amy Riley

It’s hard to pick the best part about being a racing driver, but you can’t beat the feeling of being on track, it is by far one of the best feelings in the world.

I also think about how younger ‘me’ would feel if she could see me now, and how much we can influence the next generation of young girls, and that is such a wonderful and one of the driving forces behind us as well. – Shannon Tobin

Definitely the adrenaline rush when you get strapped into the car. It’s the best feeling in the world! – Magdelana King

What are you most looking forward to at the BRSCC Club Car Championships?

Being able to race for the first time as Team Valkyrie! It’s been a while now since our first ever races as individuals. We are just so excited to get back on the grid as a team.

The biggest challenge will be racing against some very experienced and skillful drivers, the championship is known for its close and respectful racing. There is also a large grid, so the track is always busy. You have to be focused the whole time during a long stint as you are battling someone all the time.

OnlyFans has sponsored Valkyrie for Saturday’s race. What does it mean to you to be driving the OnlyFans car?

It means a lot that we are going racing with the support of a company like OnlyFans! It helps to legitimize women as valid, sponsor-able racing drivers who deserve their place on the grid.

Ten years from now, what would you like to see the motorsport landscape look like?

A more even split of men and women working in motorsport, in all roles: engineers, pit crew, team managers, and drivers!

What’s one piece of advice you would give young girls who want to get involved in motorsport?

Pursue your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that there’s no place for women in the sport. We are just as capable as anyone else. When your helmet is on and your visor is down, no one knows whether you’re a girl or a boy. Just go out there, don’t give up, and keep going.

Help cheer on Team Valkyrie by subscribing to their free OnlyFans account!

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Meet Jiaoying Summers: Host of LMAOF


Before moving to the United States from China for college, Jiaoying Summers hadn’t even heard of stand-up comedy. Since then, she’s racked up millions of fans across her social media channels, purchased two comedy clubs in LA, and toured her stand-up all over the world. So how’d she go from an aspiring actor, to the cover of Vogue and the LA Times, to anchoring OFTV’s first-ever stand-up special? It’s time to meet Jiaoying Summers: Host of LMAOF.

Aspiring Actor to Comedy Club Owner

It’s easy to see how Jiaoying has built a large following both online and in person: she’s hilarious, and has the unique ability to weave stories from her past into comedic gold. Like the time she auditioned for a John Singleton movie and instead of booking the part, she booked a lunch with him. She’s also very open about her time struggling to break into the entertainment industry as a Chinese immigrant, and how she’s dedicated to helping other “outsider” comedians find their communities. 

We got to sit down with Jiaoying while she was putting on her makeup and pick her brain about everything– from her early days in comedy, to filming LMAOF, to advice she has for new comedians, and much more!

(Scroll down to view the transcript)

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I just wanted to become somebody who brings other people joy. And who is popular and who is loved, and makes people happy!

How did you get your start in comedy?

I remember I auditioned for John Singleton’s [show] called Rebel. I remember I forgot a line, and I started improving. And the whole team was laughing their asses off. And John Singleton said, “You are so funny. I really like you. You should try stand-up!And I said, “What is stand-up?

He walked to me with his phone, showing me a clip of Ali Wong. Just like, in the middle of the audition! He said, “Look at this! You can do this! You’d be so funny!So I tried one open mic. I bombed! It was so bad! I remember, I was walking out [and] people were like, “Somebody should not be doing comedy.” Somebody? Me. I just had a baby, and I’m pumping the milk, and I’m like “What should I do?And then, after I bombed, I was like “You know what? I’m going to go back there and show them that I can do it.

I work 10 hours a day, hosting an open mic, everyday. I [went] on TikTok when the lockdown came, because we closed the club. I had nothing to do, no stage. I just look at the camera, tell the jokes to the camera.  I do three videos a day, even when I’m throwing up. Even when I was pregnant with [my daughter], throwing up in the toilet, still making jokes. I just kept doing it, and I pushed a million followers.

What’s it like being a comedian on OnlyFans?

If I go to New York, I have fans in New York from OnlyFans that would like to see me. Because all my fans on OnlyFans come out to see my show, my tour. Because they want to see me in person. And they just want to say “Hi” to me and have a photo, and tell me, “I am from OnlyFans, because I knew you were going to be in New York and we bought tickets to see you.

How do you feel about sharing so much of yourself through your comedy?

I want to be very vulnerable, to talk with my fans about who I really am. So they can know that they can be anything they want because they’re better [off] than me from the beginning. 

I am a fighter. And I’ll always fight for my voice, and for who I am. And as a comedian it is my job to be okay with who I am, and to be willing to share my dark, dark secrets and my past. And to be okay to make it funny.

How has it been going from a comic to a comedy club owner?

I realize that I have the power to create a community that’s giving stage time for  minorities that aren’t really getting enough. 

So in our shows, they can just be themselves. Because I’m an Asian woman who has this fresh-off-the-boat accent. I don’t belong here! None of us belong. That’s why we belong here.

What advice do you have for stand-ups starting their careers?

You can decide your own future, actually. Because if you have the power to be funny, and you have the power to sell tickets, you are a star. 

The fans are not stupid. They are very smart. So I feel like my advice would be to put your content on social media: on TikTok, on Instagram. The good thing about OnlyFans and OFTV is that you can actually get paid. 

Writing jokes, watching the classic comedians, and going to open mics. The more open mics you go to, the better you get.

"The good thing about OnlyFans and OFTV is that you can actually get paid"

What’s it going to be like to watch LMAOF?

I was talking to our producers for our comedy show. I’m like, “I would love to have a camera follow us comedians in the green room before the show. Because a lot of funny things are happening!”

When people see that, the audience are more likely to engage, to laugh at comedians more. To know what it is to be a stand-up, and how desperate creatures we are to just devote our whole lives to make people laugh. And when we are in the green room, we’re still silly and goofballs!

Tell us about the other LMAOF comics!

There’s some drama! There’s me and Aidan Park. He’s my gay husband. He’s Korean. Then we have Kate Quigley, and there’s some [playful] drama between us. Then we have Matt Rife. He’s literally the young, cute, Marlon Brando of comedy. 

It’s just such an amazing show. And we are all very beautiful comedians. We’re very good-looking. For comedians, we are HOT!

Watch LMAOF: Los Angeles now on OFTV!

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Ultimate Guide To OnlyFans Features: 2022 Edition


Although there’s been a lot of growth at OnlyFans over the last year, the foundation has remained the same: give creators the freedom to create and the tools to connect with their fans. So whether you’re already an OnlyFans creator, or still thinking about starting an account, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on what we has to offer. Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, we’ve compiled a complete list of OnlyFans features in alphabetical order. Here is the ultimate guide to OnlyFans features: 2022 edition!


The campaign feature is our latest and greatest addition in which users can track the effectiveness of a specific promo they are running. The campaign feature creates a unique URL that allows content creators to track how many clicks it gets and how many subscribers it generates. That way, a creator can set up custom links for different marketing campaigns and measure their performance. You now have the tools to become the marketing guru of your dreams!

Co Stream


Sure, Going Live is its own thing, but going live together? That’s a game-changer!

As an OnlyFans creator you have the ability to collab and co-stream with another creator through the platform. Co-streaming is an excellent way for two creators to reach a whole new fanbase. Find another buddy on OnlyFans, agree on a time to stream, send a request, and you’re off and running!


For creators that are looking to give back, OnlyFans has made it easier than ever to raise money for a charitable cause of your choice. Just write-up a post that details what you are fundraising for, select the target symbol in the post composer, decide on the pre-selected amounts you’d like to give your fans the option of donating, and boom! You’ll get a notification when you receive any donation.

Go Live

The live feature not only allows you to stream, but it automatically uploads your video to the platform as soon as you’ve finished. That way, your fans that are late to the party can watch it on their own time as a video-on-demand!


Organize your followers with the lists feature and target specific groups for messaging, promotions, and co-stream requests. Lists will help you curate how and who you communicate with on your account.

PPV Messaging

With OnlyFans, you can not only send Pay Per View messages to individuals, you can send them to all your fans at the same time. Attach your media and name your price.


Engage with your community using the quiz feature. When creating a post, select the question mark icon and compose your question and answers. Quiz your fans on personal information about yourself as a way for them to get to know you even better, or test their knowledge on a subject you’re passionate about!

Statistics Page

If you want to get to know your fans even better, then the statistics page is a huge help. Track which countries your fans are from, the ways they’re finding your content, and hone in on your target audience!

To find your page statistics, go into your profile page and click the three vertical dots on your cover photo. Select Statisticsand have fun exploring all the data associated with your account. It’s OK if you’re not a mathematician, the feature will help you analyze just what is is you’re looking at! 


Want to reach your fans immediately? The story feature lets you post videos that only hang around for 24 hours. Add captions, stickers, and overlays to make your stories unique to you!


Give your fans the  opportunity to show their appreciation by giving you a tip. Tips and tip menus, are a creative way to make money on OnlyFans and are another way for your fans to connect with you. Creators can be tipped on streams, on posts, and in DMs.

Top Fans

Trust us, fans LOVE to be recognized! With the top fans feature you can congratulate your top 1-5% of your subscribers with an exclusive message. Let your most loyal fans know that you appreciate their support!

Twitter Integration

Link your Twitter to your OnlyFans account and boost your other social media channels! Show off the various sides of your personality with the features each social media platform uniquely provides.


Think of the vault as a locker for your highlight reel. The vault stores all of your previously posted photos, videos, and live streams. Repost anything in your vault at a later date and let new fans see the content they might have missed the first time around!

Better yet, the vault allows you to divide all photos, videos, or other content into their own categories. Plus, it lets creators set aside photos and videos shared with subscribers over DM. Forgot which exclusive content you’ve sent out over messages or PPV? The vault will help you remember!

What are some of your favorite OnlyFans features? Want to know which features your favorite creators use? Let us know 👇

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Top OFTV Moments You May Have Missed in July 2022


If your July was even half as wild and fun as the latest OFTV shows, then congratulations! But that might mean you’ve missed some incredible OFTV moments last month. Not to worry, we’ve clipped some of our favorites: from tennis lessons, to Miami street art, to dairy trivia, to a mind-blowing obstacle course. Here are the top OFTV moments you may have missed in July 2022!

Tay Shares The Perfect Serve

Summer’s here, and there’s no better time to hit the tennis courts and step up your game. Think of Tennis with Tay as your own personal tennis pro. After all, she’s got a whole OFTV channel dedicated to teaching tennis fundamentals. 

On her Serve Like A Pro tutorial, Tay manages to do demonstrate a great serve without going full King Richard. She explains the importance of a solid serve and demonstrates how the mechanics and footwork come together to deliver one. Her figure eight technique is particularly impressive. The video is short, to-the-point, and serves (sorry) as a great tool for tennis fans of all levels!

Tennis With Tay

Grabster Leaves His Mark In Miami

If you’ve ever wondered how large-scale street art is made, check out The Mural. It takes viewers deep inside the artistic process of a street artist as they convert a nondescript wall into a breathtaking work of art. 

In its first episode, Miami-based muralist Marcus Grabster uses his signature “Graffiti Futurism” to create a piece inspired by all the diverse creators on OnlyFans. A graffiti artist for over 20 years, Marcus brings the cameras along as he shows off many beautiful murals that he’s created. He’s definitely left his mark in the city of Miami.

The Mural with Grabster

Farm Trivia Goes Off The Rails

Last month we said goodbye to the first seasons of Model Farmers. If, like us, you can’t get enough of that hilarious dairy drama, we’ve got great news. On Model Farmers: Behind The Scenes, Scarlett Howard sits down with the ladies of Model Farmers for candidly cheeky farm talk. 

In episode two, Scarlett tests quizzes Shani Jamilah, Jessie Renée Wynter, and Daisy Taylor on their farm knowledge. The results will have you cracking up as the models try to answer farm trivia questions. Things really go off the rails when Scarlett asks, “How much milk does it take to make one pound of cheese?” 

Behind The Scenes With The Model Farmers

Casey & Mike Take On the Warped Wall

In Real Life is back on our top OFTV moments list! That’s because Casey has great conversations with some of the most interesting creators on OnlyFans. In fact, Casey is such a great interviewer, it’s easy to forget that she’s also an incredible athlete! 

On a recent IRL, Casey links up with abundance coach Mike Chabot. They discuss everything from his career path and his recovery from a serious motorcycle accident. The real magic happens with they arrive at an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course. The final challenge, the Warped Wall, will change everything you thought you knew about physics and the limits of the human body. 

What’s your favorite OFTV show? Any clips from July you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Free OnlyFans Accounts To Follow August 2022


Need more OnlyFans in your life? Looking for creators you’ll get hooked on instantly? Well, if you’re looking to mix up who you follow on OnlyFans without breaking the bank, we got you! Here are five free OnlyFans accounts to follow in August 2022.

Cerissa Sustainable

Cerissa is a holistic health expert who focuses on healthy vegan eating. She shares recipes, Monday meditations, tips on healthy foods and the kinds of energy they provide, all while giving an exclusive look into her exciting life. If you want to improve your gut health and lower that cholesterol, or just want some ideas for dinner, head on over to Cerissa’s OnlyFans page. She’ll help teach you how to become a better you!

Cerissa says that the key success on OnlyFans is to:

“Surround yourself with creative friends and mentors. You will learn a lot faster and a lot quicker if you have like-minded creative people around you who could teach you along the way.”

Jamie Shriner

Jamie Shriner is a comedian, singer-songwriter and all-round funny gal. Based out of Chicago, Jamie’s comedy is silly, but relatable, often poking fun at issues we all deal with on a daily basis. Her videos usually have a tinge of cynicism while she smiles directly down the barrel as she makes light of her own anxiety in that “the-world-is-burning-so-all-we-can-do-is-laugh” way.

Make sure to give her a follow and check out her tour dates. She could be headlining a comedy club near you!

“I bet you’re wondering from looking at me, did you get bullied in high school? And the answer is: yes, yes I sure did. But now? Now I just get bullied everyday by men on the internet.”

Life of Alex James

Alex James leads a fabulous life filled with exciting parties, stunning beach days, and high-end fashion. On his OnlyFans, Life of Alex James, Alex takes fans behind the scenes for an exclusive look at what makes him tick. He’ll even help you style your next outfit since he regularly posts pictures of his fits and where he snatched them. In no time you’ll be turning heads in your fancy new threads!

Alex doles out the helpful fashion and shopping tips by the dozen:

“So I use consignment shopping as a tool for both buying and selling designer things. That way I can constantly be updating my wardrobe without totally breaking the bank.”


If you want to get your mind and body right, then UberDad’s account is required viewing. UberDad, aka Steven Bechtold, has everything you need to transform your entire look and approach to life. On his OnlyFans page, Steven gets into the nitty gritty of everything– from meal prep, to good sources of protein, to self-care hacks, to inspirational messages. The guy is like a ripped Buddha with a friendly smile and a bubbling personality! 

UberDad brings the chill vibes so you can be your best self:

“This is a mental reset. It’s actually a breathing practice that is going to help you calm down, get more in the moment, reduce anxiety, and kind of grab the handles on your emotions and on your brain.”

Pilates by Sophia

Rippling biceps and whey protein might not be your thing. Maybe you’re looking for a more relaxed path towards building up your core. If that’s the case, then you should check out Pilates by Sophia’s OnlyFans. You’ll find yoga and pilates workouts that you can seamlessly add to your daily routine! 

Sophia is a wellness expert who provides workouts for all experience levels with modifications for the more advanced pilates pro to the beginner looking to dip a toe in. She prioritizes core strength and flexibility when it comes to what she features on her account, and she believes balancing both are key to a healthy lifestyle.

Sophia knows what it takes to make it through each day with a smile on your face:

“You need to stay positive every single day because life gets rough. And honestly? Just keeping a positive mindset can make all the difference in the world for how happy you are.

What are your favorite free OnlyFans accounts that you subscribe to? Let us know in the comments!

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Creative Ways To Make Money On OnlyFans


You might think that making money on OnlyFans requires you to already have a large number of die-hard fans willing to shell out for access to your exclusive content. Of course having a big following on your other social channels will make it easier to attract paid subscribers on OnlyFans. Regardless of your follower count, we’re here to tell you that paid subscriptions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to monetizing on OnlyFans. So whether you’re still thinking about starting an OnlyFans, or you’re looking to make a little extra coin on your existing account, here are some creative ways to make money on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans 101

Okay, yes, we did just say that it’s not all about subscriptions, but that doesn’t mean subscriptions are completely irrelevant! The subscription model will always be fundamental to the OnlyFans creator model. Paid subscriptions allow you to set your own price for your followers to pay to get exclusive access to your quality content. And if you’re wondering how much you could earn in paid subscriptions, check out our earnings calculator

OnlyFans Earning Calculator

On the other hand, there are creative ways to make money on OnlyFans using free subscriptions. The word “free” might not sound lucrative, but have no fear. We got you! As with paid subscriptions, a free subscription account still allows you to leverage paid messages, paid posts, paid access to live streams, and tips. By bringing people into your OnlyFans ecosystem for free, you’ll have an easier time attracting people who don’t know you already. Once they see how awesome your OnlyFans is, they might be willing to pay à la carte for posts, messages, and streams. After all the fantastic free content you’ve been bringing them, it’s the least they could do!

Advanced Mode

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some more creative ways to make money on OnlyFans. Savvy OnlyFans creators have mixed and matched these features and tools for years to maximize their earnings! Why shouldn’t you?

Let Them Buy In Bulk

Instead of only thinking month-to-month for paid subscriptions, start thinking 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. With subscription bundles, you can reward your fans for their loyalty. Simply select what percentage discount you’d like to offer for any number of months. When the subscription ends, your fans will have the opportunity to re-subscribe at your usual rate.

Since they’ve been subscribed to your account for multiple months, they’ll have a harder time imagining their OnlyFans feed without you on it!

OnlyFans Subscription Bundles

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Like a good book, all you need is a hook to draw people in. With promotional discounts, you have the ability to offer potential subscribers access to your account at a discounted price. Extend your future fans a discount of anywhere between 5% and 100% off your normal price for up to thirty days. Who doesn’t love a sale?

Build Your Own VIP Section

Like anyone who’s been to a Costco knows, a good free sample can go a long way. With that in mind, a free account paired with a paid subscription account can be a creative way to make money on OnlyFans. By teasing some of your quality content on your free account, you can let your subscribers know that there’s more where that came from if they upgrade to your paid account! 

But that’s not the only way to use the “upgrade” approach. Instead of a free account, you can offer two paid accounts: a lower-cost “basic” account, and a more exclusive (and expensive) “VIP” account. Face it– we’re all suckers for VIP status.

Build Your Own VIP Section!

Offering two tiers of access has many benefits. It creates a more organic and pressure-free environment for you to cultivate new fans, which can help with paid subscriber retention down the road. It also gives your higher-tier subscribers a place to go within your OnlyFans ecosystem if they need to temporarily drop down a tier for budgetary reasons. 

Don’t Be Shy About Asking For Tips

You’ve created incredible content for your fans. Give them the opportunity to show their appreciation by asking for tips. Tips, and tip menus, are also a handy way for your fans to request custom content, or the chance to connect with you directly. The point is, you work hard to entertain your fans and you deserve to be rewarded for it!

What creative ways to make money on OnlyFans have worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

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