Nanda Oliveira Moya: I love my Brazil

MAGAZIONE-PERSONAL-SCHEMA.jpgHis name is Fernanda Oliveira Moya she is one fitness model from brasil his zodiac sign is Sagittarius his favorite music is Ede sheran.  Fernanda hope to meet one day Johnny depp he is his favorite man, Fernanda is a beautiful woman, of healthy principles, she loves Brazil her land and for nothing in the world she would leave. today we took we had a great opportunity to interview her
let’s start with a difficult question … how do you see yourself in 5 years?

Continue training hard taking care of the family and I will be finished one More college, sports nutrition

Today looking at myself in the mirror how do you define Your self? Overcoming

what were the most difficult moments of Your life?

Having to give up my frist profession to look after children

Is there an important reason why you started making this commercial?

No important reasons just started

What do you like about this sport?

Focus, determination, mental and physical stability

What does it mean to you to be beautiful?: Self-confidence and keep the body the way I like to see in the mirror and inspire others to follow

Do you feel beautiful?: Yes but always improving in the best possible and healthy way

Do you believe in God ? or better, in other words, what do you think?: I believe im a greater being who guides us always and observes us taking care of us but not influencing us in our decisions

Do you think this spot has changed your person?: Yes it me more confident, strong mentally and in my self esteem , it helped me move on to face the obstacles that appeared

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about your future?: I am very optimistic in the reality always thinking of improving

How would you like to be remembered for 100 years?:

As a srong womam who faced the difficulties of life and realized her dreams
last question … the meaning of life?

Being happy, both mentally and my body, shape it my way the way I like Your self, love Your family

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