How To Get Your Tyres Ready For The Winter


Driving is one of just a few everyday activities directly impacted by the weather that frequently suffers during the chilly winter. Even a straightforward commute to work or school may become more dangerous due to slippery roads brought on by ice and snow and freezing temperatures that may wreak havoc on some aspects of automobiles.

Making sure your tyres are safe before the winter may be the most effective way to safeguard yourself and your family. Take this advice from experts at UAETyres, the best tyres online shop, to ensure you’re prepared for winter.

1. Install Winter Tyres On Your Vehicle

For a good reason, winter tyres are among the first items that come to mind while preparing your automobile for winter. In the colder months of the year, they improve driving comfort and safety, and most European countries even mandate the use of winter tyres at certain times of the year. For example, it’s customary to install your winter tyres around October.

2. Examine The State Of Your Winter Tyres

Please make sure all of them, including the spare, are in good shape before having your winter tyres fitted! Check the tyre tread, confirm that the tyre pressure is appropriate, and scan the tyre for any strange bulges, wear, or other damage to do. Tell your tyre specialist if you see anything. However, a professional fitting your winter tyres will be aware of these issues and may advise a repair or new set of tyres if necessary.

3. Check The Wear Patterns Of The Tread

Measure the tread depth at the front, middle, and interior edges of the tyre. Your tyres are worn unevenly if the measurements are different. Uneven tyre wear may be a sign of under- or over-inflation of the tyres, misaligned wheels, or worn suspension parts.

4. Examine The Battery

It could be time for a new battery if your automobile is starting more slowly than usual or if the headlights are dim. The cold weather can be its undoing if you don’t have it serviced. Visit your technician, who will inform you if you require repairs or a new battery.

5. Test Your Lighting

Winter driving entails more darkness and encounters with rain, sleet, and snow. Consequently, you will rely on your lights quite a bit. Additionally, if they aren’t functioning, you’ll be at more risk. Therefore, ensure your headlights, fog lights, indicators, reverse lights, and brake lights are all working before the winter’s rigours arrive. Once you’re sure they’re in good shape, thoroughly clean them with window wash or, for tough stains, massage some toothpaste in, let it rest for a few minutes, and then wipe them away.

6. Ensure The Correct Tire Pressure

The air within its tyres supports your car’s weight, and when the outside temperature drops, so does the tyre pressure. Your tyres lose around 1 pound of pressure. So for every 10 degrees, the outside temperature drops. Keep a tyre pressure gauge with you at all times to inspect that each tyre is inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested level, or visit a tyre shop.

7. Regular Tyre Rotation

Tire rotation is generally advised every 6,000 miles or earlier if irregular or uneven wear starts to appear. A brief reminder is to rotate your tyres in almost every oil change.

You may choose the best tyres for your area’s weather with the aid of your local mechanic or auto dealer, and they can also suggest the best tyres for your automobile.

While getting your automobile ready for the winter requires a bit more effort, it may be worthwhile. When getting ready for the new season, remember that your car’s tyres may keep you safe when driving over the winter.

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