Live Streaming Setup Ideas For Any Budget


As an OnlyFans creator, we’ve made it easy to set yourself up to go live. But what about your actual streaming setup? Depending on what you’re streaming, there are specific techniques and equipment that will boost your stream’s production value! Whether you’re a gamer, a DJ, a fitness creator, or a chef: here are live streaming setup ideas for any budget!


If you’ve ever tuned into a gamer’s live stream, you’ve probably noticed how colorful and futuristic-looking their setups are. But all this tech comes at a cost, and you can quickly find yourself spending thousands on transforming your humble office into something that looks like a nightclub from the year 2100. But first things first:

Clutch Gaming Chair

A colorful gaming studio

A great gaming chair is not just a way to signal your status to your viewers, but it’ll keep you comfortable during long sessions. Many pro gamers swear by the Clutch Chairz Ergonomic Gaming Chair. We recommend it for its comfortability, and its incredible infinity recline feature. It was designed and built by gamers with gamers in mind. Plus you’ve got to admit: it looks really great on camera!

Once you’ve got your chair sorted, it’s time to pick up some lighting, a gaming mouse, a solid gaming desk, and a reliable gaming headset. If you want to take your streaming game to the next level on your gaming account, you’re going to want to invest in these products.


As a DJ, you know there’s more to what you do than hitting play. Why not give your fans a crisper picture of every scribble and scratch you do on stream? A reliable 1080p webcam like Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 has enough fidelity to show off your skills at a reasonable price. Using a fisheye lens during your streams (like the to the right is) will not give your streams a cool look, but will allow the viewers to see more of what’s going on, even in cramped spaces.

Improve your sound quality with a pop shield, and up your visuals with a green screen. That way, fans won’t be able to take their eyes or ears off of you. 

Budget Setup

Clip-On Fisheye Lens: $14.99

Pop Shield: $22.84

Party Lights: $39.99

Green Screen: $82.72

Pioneer DJ PLX-500: $319.99 

Total: $480.53

Pro Setup

Logitech C920: $59

Pop Shield: $69

Green Screen: $166.99

Lasers: $309.99

Technics SL 1200: $999.99

Total: $1604.97

Fitness Creators

You’ve worked hard to achieve wellness and you’re passionate about empowering others to do the same. Don’t shortchange yourself with a bogus streaming setup. A good fitness stream means your viewers can see what you’re doing, and hear you clearly. A wireless headset mic keeps your hands free when you’re in the middle of a workout, or yoga flow, or whatever you do! Plus, it’ll ensure you won’t have to breathlessly shout to be heard!

Your exercise equipment should be kept in the realm of things your fans also have access to. Common workout equipment like foam rollers, yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands, will give your viewers less of an excuse not to follow along with you!


Even delicious food can look bad on camera without proper lighting. When lighting food, it’s better to use low-temperature bulbs that imitate sunlight, rather than high-temperature bulbs that look harsh. If you’re on a budget, just swapping out your kitchen’s light bulbs goes a long way!

Cooking streams come with their own unique challenges. To really digest what you’re doing in the kitchen, sometimes viewers will need to see a wide shot of your whole work space. Sometimes they’ll need a close-up of your hands when you’re executing unfamiliar techniques. A multiple-camera setup will help you give your fans the shots they need to follow along.

Budget Setup

Softbox Lighting Kit: $72.99

Your smartphone + a friend’s smartphone for wide shots: $00.00

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife: $42.95

Total: $115.94

Pro Setup

Kino Overhead Light: $2,363

Sony Alpha a6500: $1,399.95

Sony Alpha a6400: $998

Mac Mighty MTH-80: $163.95

Total: $4,924.90

Streamers sound off! What type of content do you stream, and what tools can’t you live without?

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