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For years, Mario Liberatore, CEO and founder of Cash Flow Academy and author of the book “From Zero to Digital Entrepreneur,” has been shaping individuals who aspire to pursue a career in the digital realm and seize the opportunities that have arisen in this historical period. These opportunities will continue to unfold in the coming months.

“Our pride lies in the achievements of our clients and students, who certify us with over 150 video reviews and success stories,” says Liberatore. The positive feedback and reviews of Cash Flow Academy are numerous and ever-increasing. Liberatore’s distinguishing characteristics are his seriousness and availability towards those who entrust themselves to him by becoming part of the academy. Thanks to him, an increasing number of individuals, starting from scratch, have successfully embarked on a path in the digital field, achieving their goals and surpassing initial expectations.


The Team What has propelled Liberatore’s rapid growth in recent times is the continual investment in the research and development section of his company, particularly in expanding and training his team.

This team comprises true professionals in the digital field, boasting years of experience in the industry. Embracing Liberatore’s entrepreneurial vision, the team members have consistently maintained the required quality standards from the outset and further improved them, becoming the backbone of this young and motivated company.


The CFA Method The fear of those starting out is precisely the apprehension of taking a leap into the unknown, given the plethora of online offerings nowadays. Cash Flow Academy’s mission is never to leave its members alone but rather to resolve all their doubts, enabling them to effectively capitalize on the opportunities arising in this historical period. The academy operates on a closed membership basis, requiring a selection process for admission. Once selected, new members immediately become part of a genuine family.

The added value of Cash Flow Academy lies in the support provided to each new member, as they are assigned two tutors available at any time, ready to address any questions or needs during the journey. As a result, among the employees and students who have applied the method, some have achieved secondary income, while others have made it their primary source of revenue, laying the foundation for continued growth in an ever-expanding market.

The B2B World Another branch of Liberatore’s entrepreneurial activities is his marketing agency. It caters to entrepreneurs who already sell online (products or services) but struggle to scale and make a leap in quality. For anyone seeking to acquire more clients and effectively leverage online advertising to increase their company’s revenue, the agency offers its pool of professionals.

Among the collaborations, one noteworthy partnership is with Emilia Food Love, a company that sells high-quality typical products from the Emilia-Romagna region worldwide. Thanks to online sales, these delicacies have gained recognition and popularity, particularly among international customers, exporting the “Made in Italy” brand through social media advertising. Another partnership is with Davide Storniolo, a professional and authority in his field, who, together with Liberatore, has launched a project called “Level Up,” which has been consistently delivering results since late 2020, leveraging digital platforms.

Ethics and Transparency Mario Liberatore is also a partner of a non-profit association called “Le Onde,” based in his hometown of Campobasso. Over time, the association has distinguished itself through its widespread efforts to raise awareness about autism within the community. In addition to providing financial support for the implementation of projects and activities aimed at “Le Onde’s” special members.