My ‘Little Family’! Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor’s Best Pics With Cruz

Cute Cruz! Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor have been documenting their baby boy’s early days since welcoming him in April 2021.

Giving birth to the little one was one of “the most beautiful and rewarding” experiences of the Kentucky native’s life, she told E! News after her infant’s arrival. “It was just the perfect day, even when I screamed in pain,” she said. “Our doctor and nurses at Cedars were absolutely amazing.”

Cartwright added that while she “cried the most,” her husband was also emotional in the delivery room. “He was amazing during labor, supporting and encouraging me the entire time,” she explained. “I got to watch the birth through a mirror. It was so amazing and motivating to see. My mom, [Sherri Cartwright], also got to be in the delivery room with us, which was all so special especially after the close call and tough year she had this year.”

Taylor chimed in that he was “in awe” of his wife, gushing, “I also now believe women are the most amazing creatures on the planet. Watching my wife give birth to my son was absolutely incredible. It’s amazing to see what the human body can do. Brittany is the strongest woman I know. It wasn’t the easiest pregnancy for her, but she powered through without any complaints. The respect and love I have for my wife has reached a new level.”

The Michigan native, who noted that he has “never been” happier, previously spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about his fatherhood plans.

“We’ve been together for four years and my whole life has been a party, so I’ve done everything I wanted to do,” the former SUR bartender told Us in April 2019. “I’m ready for the next step. I’m ready to have kids. I’m ready to be part of the PTA, soccer dad, soccer mom, gymnastics coach, whatever. That’s my next job.”

Taylor told Men’s Health in December 2018 that he was motivated to be “the best dad” he could be because of his late father, Ronald Cauchi. “I really want to be at every PTA meeting, every soccer practice, every ballerina class,” he explained to the magazine at the time. “My dad was there.”

The Vanderpump Rules alums announced in September 2020 that Brittany was pregnant with their first child, revealing the little one’s sex with blue confetti later that same month.

Keep scrolling to see Cruz’s sweetest shots, from his first family photo at the hospital to his cuddles with grandma at home.

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