Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt’s Best Family Photos Over the Years


Backstreet Boys babies! Nick Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt, have shared many sweet moments with their three kids over the years.

The couple tied the knot in April 2014 in California, welcoming their son, Odin, two years later. He became a big brother when their daughters, Saoirse and Pearl, arrived in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

The couple are all set with their family of five, the fitness guru exclusively Us Weekly after giving birth to baby No. 3. “I had my tubes completely removed this time during [my C-section],” the California native explained.

The singer chimed in, “We’re good with three kids! … We are so blessed, I believe, to have such a big family now of three children. Odin now has two sisters. He’s an older brother. I’m excited that they are going to be able to have each other later in life and to be able to watch each other and be there for each other. They’re all going to grow up together and that, to me, is great for them.”

The pair have their hands full with Odin, Saoirse and Pearl, they added at the time. “We’re in the thick of it,” Kitt explained Us. “We’re getting through it. Every day’s a new challenge, but it’s fun and we love our babies. It leaves something to do now being [amid the] COVID pandemic.”

Pearl’s siblings have adjusted well to her arrival, and Saoirse especially was “very sweet and gentle” with her little sister from the start. Kitt said, “We thought she was going to be the problem and she’s actually very loving and treats the baby like a doll.”

The toddler was “fascinated” when she met the newborn and kept pointing to her, saying, “Baby, baby.”

Kitt joked that she felt “super stuck” with Carter after having three children, noting that parenthood had brought them closer as a couple. “It just solidified everything that we’ve always had between each other — it’s just friendship and trust and love and also support,” she gushed. “He’s supporting me now, and it’s been good in that respect to see us pulling together because we’re in the trenches. Like, it’s hard with three kids under 5.”

Keep scrolling to see Kitt and Carter’s sweetest family photos with Odin, Saoirse and Pearl over the years, from Christmas celebrations to silly selfies.

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