Performances By The Abu Dhabi Police Music Band Attracts Visitors To Sheikh Zayed Festival


    The Sheikh Zayed Festival features daily performances of heritage music, excellently performed by the Abu Dhabi Police Music Band as part of the Festival which runs until March 18th, 2023, in Abu Dhabi’s AlWathbaregion.

    The roaming music shows, which are divided into the 3 categories of military, heritage and string quartet, are highly appreciated and well-loved by visitors to the Festival, who enjoy the heritage performances and appreciate the diversity of the folkloric arts, as they get to know the artistic and musical heritage of the Emirati people with its unique nature and very particular aesthetic.

    Abu Dhabi Police Music Bandismore than happy to show the audiences the best of heritage and folkloric performances, that commonly extol the noble values and virtues of the Emirati people, their loyalty and their patriotic feelings, using traditional musical instruments such as bagpipes, Arabic drums, tuba and flute, as well as performing some poems composed by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in addition to some of the most famous poems and songs composed by Emirati artists.

    Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Khasef Obaid Al Wahshi, Head of the Abu Dhabi Police Music Department, said “We participate every year at the Sheikh Zayed Festival, as it is one of the most prominent and memorable cultural heritage events in Abu Dhabi and the region in general. This particular event bears the name of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which makes that much more special to each and every one of us, in addition to the fact that we find the Festivala great platform for the military music bands to present some of the authentic legacy and heritage of our beloved country.”

    He added that the performers and participants, including himself, enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of the Festival, as it allows them to perform many styles of heritage military music for visitors and guests who enjoy the daily performances. He explained that the Police Music Band includes bagpipes, brass and a woodwind. They play many famous pieces that reflect the Emirati heritage along with popular global music.

    Lieutenant Colonel Al Wahshi explained that the Abu Dhabi Police Music Band was the first military music band in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, having been founded in 1963 and making its debut later that year. He added that many developments have taken place in the number of musicians, instrumentalists, official and civilian participation, and the numbers of military marches as well, along with the introduction of a string quartet, expanding both the quality and repertoire of the music, presented to include world famous symphonies.

    Lieutenant Colonel Al Wahshithanked the Higher Organizing Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival for the opportunity to participate each year and create the special heritage music shows featured daily alongside the various other events of the Festival. He also praised the great development the Festival is witnessing every year in terms of events, designs, decorations and pavilions, as well as the art and cultural performances that bring together all countries of the world on a single platform.

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