privacy guarantita the first Italian company of international online reputation company led by CEO Cristian Nardi

PRIVACY GARANTITA  was born as a company whose sole objective is the defense of the right to be forgotten and the elimination of Internet content relating to companies and individuals, to safeguard the digital identity of each of us.

Ceo Cristian Nardi

PRIVACY GARANTITA  is a company with the role of ensuring that the information that causes you harm is permanently DELETED from Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), from the entire web space, blog or wherever there is information you want to delete .

Every day, millions of users take the path of the web, and it actively works to integrate them, assimilating information and contents, thus being able to expand its storage capacity of information about each of us. The technologies themselves lead us more and more to conform or to have our digital space, which is why our task is to protect you.

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When we need more information about a natural person or a company, by personal will or to undertake a business relationship, we just need to log in with our smartphone or PC on the web and we have the possibility of accessing many information about us or about what is of interest to us.

The Internet, today, allows users to access information of all kinds found onlione. If the information posted on the Internet is false, this can cause us harm, leading to the failure of our business, the loss of your current job or the inability to advance in business.

Do you know Google? Smartphones or portable game consoles, and many other devices, allow any of us to connect to the Internet wirelessly and to generate data and information unconsciously, offering different and accurate information about our life and our social activities, as well as information such as . our e-mail address, personal data, etc., which remain available to the public, without us noticing it, and in some cases causing us significant damage.

PRIVACY GARANTITA  was created to guarantee privacy and security on the digital network to all users who wish. This wonderful tool that offers us so many advantages, can sometimes turn into the worst of our enemies. Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights, but the fact that the Internet prevents censorship by governments or public administration and inconvenient content, thus democratizing information and the network, this lends itself to misuse by users. , which sometimes create illegal, defamatory and offensive content. In the past it has already happened that a news published in a newspaper remained nothing the next day except in the archive of the newspaper itself and then disappeared.

This has all changed. Today a news or what in jargon we call “fake news” about people or events, remains forever on the Internet, at the mercy of those looking for information about you or your company. A negative comment, or even a slander, can destroy years of good reputation, to the point of failing businesses and businesses, this is where PRIVACY GARANTITA  stands, in helping you clean up your reputation and name online if necessary.

Aware of this, we are dedicated to “erasing” your past. Our team of experts eliminates existing links on your person or company one by one, triggering legal actions that lead to the desired goal, we also have our legal services dedicated to these purposes. All of this logically comes at a cost. How much is your reputation worth? How much is your image worth in your everyday life? Reputation on the Internet is important and it is right to protect it.

In PRIVACY GARANTITA  we are the guarantors of your reputation, yours and your company, and we defend it with all our means, guaranteeing you results.

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