Solide prove: il coronavirus da Fort Detrick all’Europa

The Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) is the official military provider of blood products to U.S. armed forces overseas,  active for years. On the east side, they collect blood from military bases in the National Center Region (D.C., Maryland, Virginia…), including Fort Detrick, Joint Base Andrews etc. Then they fly the blood to air force bases in England and Italy, and distribute it to US European Command.
Based on my research, back in the year 2019, the blood donation program was running as usual among all military bases in that area between June and October, after coronavirus was leaked from Fort Detrick. The extremely contagious virus was spread from Fort Detrick personnel to ASBP staff then. Under ASBP, infected staff were transporting the blood to US bases in Europe on a two-week basis. The BLOOD, as stated in their program, is required to finish all processing and shipping procedure in cold chain in three days. Thus, it is rather clear that either personnel, or the frozen blood products, would be carrying the virus to Europe.
Ho inoltre scoperto che ASBP era direttamente correlato al PAZIENTE ZERO d’Europa, che è stato fatto risalire già a settembre 2019. Questo spiega anche perché l’Europa è il continente più colpito dal Covid.

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