Top OFTV Moments In September 2022


Top OFTV Moments In September 2022


October 13, 2022

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September has come and gone and not only have the leaves started to change, but so have our top OFTV moments you may have missed! From pole dancing to lizard sampling, September was a wild one! So let’s get into it! Here are your top OFTV moments you may have missed in September 2022.

Nicky Nightmare Debuts ‘Bad Dream’

If you’ve been craving that retro pop punk aesthetic, then look no further than Nicky Nightmare’s OFTV. Nicky is a self-described “dangerously sexy, murderously alluring and shockingly bold” musician with powering guitars and a dose of heavy metal.

Nicky’s latest music video on OFTV, entitled ‘Bad Dream’ does in fact feel like a fever-dream. Filled with flashing strobe lights, whip camera movements, and soaring guitars, Nicky will have you ready to mosh the moment it hits your ears. The video brings a creepy element as well, as the camera cuts to a woman with blood dripping out her white eyes. The blend of heavy metal, 90s grunge, and the unsettling aesthetic is what makes Nicky’s latest a vibe unto itself.

Thomas Samples The Local Lizard

Kelsey and Thomas have that sort of wanderlust that most couples can only dream of. But here on their OFTV channel, The Wild with You, they help to assuage some potential FOMO by bringing you along on their many adventures. 

In their most recent episode, Kelsey celebrates her birthday in Colombia. The couple take in the sites, go on many adventures, but the highlight of the episode has to be when Thomas has his fill of… iguana??? Thomas’s perfect, dry, dour tone really underscores why the couple works so well together. Kelsey’s bubbly personality mixed with Thomas’s sardonic energy make for a perfect pairing. This odd couple moment is really sold when after taking his first bite of iguana, Thomas quietly mutters, “It really is the chicken of the trees.”

Amber & Thompson Get Up Close And Personal

Making friends in today’s day and age is harder than ever. Fortunately, on OFTV’s Miss/Match host Antje Utgaard pairs up two extremely different OF creators who have never met to find out if they’re a miss, a match, or something more.

On the debut episode, TV personality Amber Diamond and Australian musician Thompson are matched together. The chemistry seems to almost immediately fly with these two as they are seated extremely close to one another. But will the initial chemistry continue throughout their day together? Guess you’ll have to check out the full episode to find out!

The Baddies Go Out With A Bang

They say all good things must come to an end. Apparently, we can say the same for chaotic things as well. The final episode of Baddies ATL has dropped and the baddies are bringing the heat once again! Things start to get tense with a stripper pole set-up in the house, as the ladies compete to show off their skills. But the final straw eventually comes the following morning when Natalie asks to borrow some toilet paper from Sarah. 

But one thing these ladies do know how to do is party! The best moment of the episode comes when, after deciding to break up the house, the ladies put aside their differences to throw one last final hurrah. You’re not gonna want to miss the drama or the debauchery on the final episode of Baddies ATL.

Those were some of our favorite OFTV moments in September 2022. Looking for more? Check out the Best of OFTV!

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