Top OFTV Moments You May Have Missed in June 2022


It’s more than halfway through the year and the bingeable OFTV shows just keep coming! Whether you’re into car races, cooking competitions, fashion design, or watching models working on a farm, OFTV has something for everyone! Without further ado, here are the top OFTV moments you may have missed in June 2022.

Law Roach Keeps It Real

In the fashion competition series, Creative Fund: Fashion Edition, nine up-and-coming fashion designers and stylists compete for cash prizes totaling $100,000 and a mentorship with Rebecca Minkoff. Not only are the creators judged on their completed garments, but the OnlyFans content they create to hype their brands.

The all-star panel of judges themselves are endlessly entertaining on the show, and celebrity stylist Law Roach holds nothing back. He’s got an opinion on everything and everyone– from the contestants, to his fellow judges. Check out Fashion Edition for the looks, and stay for the iconic Law Roach moments.

Quote of the episode:

“I wanna see every OnlyFans account for free. They gotta get me a gift card” – Law Roach

(Sorry, Law. We don’t do gift cards.)

Check out Creative Fund: Fashion Edition on OFTV.

Models Run A-Muck

Six OnlyFans creators trade in their couture for jumpsuits and rubber boots as they go to work on a dairy farm the new OFTV reality show, Model Farmers. As the ladies settle into farm life, they quickly learn that working with their cow co-stars can get a little crappy. There’s always a new mess to clean up, a mouth to feed, or a set of udders to be milked, and the model farmers constantly find themselves in over their heads. 

Quote of the episode:

“What’s hot around here apart from the poo?” – Danielle Sellers

Start watching Model Farmers today!

The Vegan Versus Carnivore Debate Is Settled

When you’re cooking for Chef JoJo, you better come with your best set of knives and your A-game. On This Is Fire, JoJo’s brought eight OnlyFans creators into his kitchen to compete for a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize. 

Things really get spicy when home chefs Linda Vo and Cerissa Sustainable duke it out to settle the age-old question: Who can make a better taco– a carnivore or a vegan? Sorry, we’re not going to spoil it for you. The good news is that all episodes of This Is Fire are streaming now!

Quote of the episode:

“I can make a steak with my eyes closed, promise you… drunk, whatever.” – Linda Vo

Find out who wins This Is Fire!

Devastation On The Race Track

A corner taken too fast. An engine malfunction. An overtake gone haywire. When it comes to racing, one wrong move can send you tumbling down the standings. OFTV’s thrilling motorsport racing series, Enduro: Beyond The Circuit, is an up-close look at the world of racing.

In the second episode, Enduro Motorsport’s team drivers Morgan and Marcus are having the drive of their lives when disaster strikes suddenly. It’s one of those moments where you can feel your heart sink, as the team scrambles to recover and race another day. The episode will have you on the edge of your seat (and waving your Enduro Motorsport flag, for sure).

Quote of the episode:

“You chase that buzz. The buzz of being surrounded by the cars, the adrenaline of in case you have an accident, it’s high octane, it has that addictive nature of just trying to get better.” – Morgan Tillbrook

Dive into Enduro: Beyond The Wheel on OFTV!

DJ Kaila Troy Revamps A Kanye Classic

Chicago’s own DJ Kaila Troy constantly streams all kinds of great stuff on OFTV– from workouts, to unboxing videos, to her world-class DJ sets. Now, she’s given everyone something to actually look forward to when Monday rolls around.

In one of her latest Music Monday videos, Kaila blends her signature house music sound with a throwback from 2008: American Boy by Estelle and Kanye. It’s the perfect blend of millennial nostalgia and vibey freshness to snap you out of that post-weekend haze. Check it out!

What’s your favorite OFTV show? Any clips from June you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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