Ultimate Guide To OnlyFans Features: 2022 Edition


Although there’s been a lot of growth at OnlyFans over the last year, the foundation has remained the same: give creators the freedom to create and the tools to connect with their fans. So whether you’re already an OnlyFans creator, or still thinking about starting an account, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on what we has to offer. Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, we’ve compiled a complete list of OnlyFans features in alphabetical order. Here is the ultimate guide to OnlyFans features: 2022 edition!


The campaign feature is our latest and greatest addition in which users can track the effectiveness of a specific promo they are running. The campaign feature creates a unique URL that allows content creators to track how many clicks it gets and how many subscribers it generates. That way, a creator can set up custom links for different marketing campaigns and measure their performance. You now have the tools to become the marketing guru of your dreams!

Co Stream


Sure, Going Live is its own thing, but going live together? That’s a game-changer!

As an OnlyFans creator you have the ability to collab and co-stream with another creator through the platform. Co-streaming is an excellent way for two creators to reach a whole new fanbase. Find another buddy on OnlyFans, agree on a time to stream, send a request, and you’re off and running!


For creators that are looking to give back, OnlyFans has made it easier than ever to raise money for a charitable cause of your choice. Just write-up a post that details what you are fundraising for, select the target symbol in the post composer, decide on the pre-selected amounts you’d like to give your fans the option of donating, and boom! You’ll get a notification when you receive any donation.

Go Live

The live feature not only allows you to stream, but it automatically uploads your video to the platform as soon as you’ve finished. That way, your fans that are late to the party can watch it on their own time as a video-on-demand!


Organize your followers with the lists feature and target specific groups for messaging, promotions, and co-stream requests. Lists will help you curate how and who you communicate with on your account.

PPV Messaging

With OnlyFans, you can not only send Pay Per View messages to individuals, you can send them to all your fans at the same time. Attach your media and name your price.


Engage with your community using the quiz feature. When creating a post, select the question mark icon and compose your question and answers. Quiz your fans on personal information about yourself as a way for them to get to know you even better, or test their knowledge on a subject you’re passionate about!

Statistics Page

If you want to get to know your fans even better, then the statistics page is a huge help. Track which countries your fans are from, the ways they’re finding your content, and hone in on your target audience!

To find your page statistics, go into your profile page and click the three vertical dots on your cover photo. Select Statisticsand have fun exploring all the data associated with your account. It’s OK if you’re not a mathematician, the feature will help you analyze just what is is you’re looking at! 


Want to reach your fans immediately? The story feature lets you post videos that only hang around for 24 hours. Add captions, stickers, and overlays to make your stories unique to you!


Give your fans the  opportunity to show their appreciation by giving you a tip. Tips and tip menus, are a creative way to make money on OnlyFans and are another way for your fans to connect with you. Creators can be tipped on streams, on posts, and in DMs.

Top Fans

Trust us, fans LOVE to be recognized! With the top fans feature you can congratulate your top 1-5% of your subscribers with an exclusive message. Let your most loyal fans know that you appreciate their support!

Twitter Integration

Link your Twitter to your OnlyFans account and boost your other social media channels! Show off the various sides of your personality with the features each social media platform uniquely provides.


Think of the vault as a locker for your highlight reel. The vault stores all of your previously posted photos, videos, and live streams. Repost anything in your vault at a later date and let new fans see the content they might have missed the first time around!

Better yet, the vault allows you to divide all photos, videos, or other content into their own categories. Plus, it lets creators set aside photos and videos shared with subscribers over DM. Forgot which exclusive content you’ve sent out over messages or PPV? The vault will help you remember!

What are some of your favorite OnlyFans features? Want to know which features your favorite creators use? Let us know 👇

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