Understanding The Vault Feature


Understanding The Vault Feature


October 13, 2022

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The Right Content At The Right Time

A major part of being a successful creator is releasing the right content at the right time. Sometimes, after going through the effort of writing, recording, and editing something that feels on trend, you’ll find the moment has passed. Other times the opposite is true: a photo set or video you posted years ago will suddenly seem like the perfect post for the moment. In situations like these, the Vault feature is here to make stashing away new content and retrieving older content a lot easier. We’re here to help you get an understanding of the OnlyFans Vault feature!

The Vault Is Helping You Already

Whether you know it or not, the Vault has already got your back! In fact, everything you’ve posted to OnlyFans– even live streams and stories, are already backed up in your vault. If you’re ever looking to repost or just take a walk down memory lane, the Vault is the perfect tool. 

Plus, the Vault can even help you avoid posting repetitive content since it functions as a catalog of all your previous work.

Where To Find The Vault

A simple and easy tool, we’ve made the Vault extremely easy to use and accessible. Just head on over to your profile and select ‘More’ from the menu. There you’ll find the Vault icon, and all the photos, videos, live streams, and stories it’s backed up for you.

Ways To Use The Vault

As a creator, it can be incredibly difficult to keep tabs on your past and future content while also making time to engage with your fans. The Vault can help you keep track of everything you’ve made as a creator. You can think of it as your own personal organizational assistant that’s built into your account!

For example, you have the perfect Halloween-themed post idea. The only problem is, it’s the middle of July. With the Vault, you don’t have to let the time of year get in the way of your creativity.

Instead, go ahead and draft that post/video/DM and store it in the Vault. That way, when Halloween rolls around, you’re ready to go.

The Vault can also help you transform content you’ve posted in the past into something fresh. For example, if you’ve recently acquired many new fans, re-posting something from your vault might be a great idea. After all, those new subscribers have likely never seen that content before! 

Furthermore, with the Vault you can take old content like stories, DMs, and live streams and give it a new life as a post.

For example, retrieve a memorable old story from your vault and turn it into a video post. Have an older PPV message that’s too good to keep hidden forever? It’s in your vault, ready for its new life as a post!

Get Organized!

And on that organizational tip, the Vault isn’t just one endless content pit that’s hard to navigate. In fact, creators have the ability to separate all their Vault content into various categories. It’s up to the individual to choose what delineations work best for them and their workflow. 

For instance, you can catalog your DM content separately from your post content. You can keep an entire folder of only your live streams, or stories. With the vault, it’s easy to create an organizational system that works best for you!

Did you find any surprises in your Vault? Let us know in the comments!

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